Wedding Photography

Lets get blogging

I’ll start at the beginning.

Hello. I’m Kirsten Duberly – I am a photographer and this here young blog is my latest adventure. It’s all very new to me, I’m no techno-phobe – I can build a fancy website and work an iPhone like a pro, I’ve just never really taken much notice of blogging. It’s time to sit up and take notice though, so here I am.

Yes, I’m a photographer. In a nut shell though, my photography consists of weddings, babies and children, macro, wildlife and travel. I studied photography in Durban, South Africa – that’s also where I met my amazing husband. I am now living in London with my husband and our gorgeous baby boy.

I have photographed a handful of weddings now and am working hard at making it my full time job (the one that puts the bread and butter on the table – I currently have a bread and butter job, but we won’t go there). I’ve promised myself to take photos everyday, which is fantastic, but also with a really busy baby to look after – one of two things happens…time runs away from me or the subject is mostly our baby (but like I said, he’s a gorgeous one, so it makes it that much easier). This week however, we went to a beautiful lavender field and those pics are attached. Feel free to criticise (constructively please).

So enough talk, lets see the pics.

Have a great day/evening/morning – wherever you are in the world reading this.


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