Roses in the rain

The other day it was raining…a lot. This is England after all.
After a couple of hours of being stuck inside, there was a break in the clouds and I decided to make a dash for it and take my baby boy for a walk. We got 2 blocks down the road and I turned back to get my camera – there were too many beautiful images everywhere.

I got my macro lens out and took some pics of the beauty around me. These are lovely pink roses I passed and there were a few spider webs on the roses and it made for some great shots.
During my “rose shoot” it started to rain again and there is only so much water I like to get on my camera, so I decided to tuck it away safely and did a quick walk around the block to get home and out of the rain.
Afew of the images were slightly underexposed, nothing that can’t be tweaked in photoshop, but the conditions were getting progressively worse and that takes me back to the water on the camera issue.


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