Thursday thoughts

I read a really funny book on the train to work this morning – laugh out loud funny, which on a train is not always the best thing. I’m sure if the train was not overcrowded, a few people probably would have changed seats. The book is by Mark Thomas and it’s called ‘The People’s Manifesto’, if you’re living in Britain and need a laugh at the tough times we are living with, read it. I especially liked the ending about goats in parliament. Do it.

Next week is my last week in my current job, my new job will entail staying at home with my gorgeous baby boy and focussing (pun? correct) on my photography career. There will be a lot of hard work involved and with a (walking) 10 month old baby boy, my ‘spare’ time is already limited.

Now more than ever I need to be inspired and put my head down and be productive.

So…today’s inspiration (and the reason, so you’re not left wandering)

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Why? Because the song just makes me happy, it makes me sing out loud and tap my feet and really, that can only be a good thing. We should only listen to songs that make us sing & smile.

  • Crash Taylor – Photographer

Why? Not only have I been on a wedding photography workshop with him, but this man is so passionate about what he does, he gets everyone excited about it and is a fantastic photographer and is one of those positive, ‘lets do this’ type of people. The world needs more people like that.

  • Kerry Loukakis – My beautiful sister and lawyer extraordinaire.

Why? She has worked hard all her life and is very successful. Also she has me as a younger sister and that, in anyone’s books proves to be challenging, so I salute you, Boo.

Here is a pic of my sister, Dad and I, in the 1980’s, can’t remember the year exactly. Check us rocking out our Japanese shirts, it doesn’t make sense but it makes me smile!

Happy Thursday.

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