Young Archie of Epping

My family & I went out to Epping over the weekend to visit our friends, who just happen to have a gorgeous little Boxer puppy called Archie. He is only a few months old and it shows….the bounding energy this puppy has is endless.
He was very interested in our baby boy, who is walking around like a champion, and soon they were used to eachother and had fun together.
Archie has a few good chew toys to choose from, but his favourite are his doggie treats and it seems he’ll do almost anything for them. Including sitting, staying and lying down on command. Good pup!

He was very well behaved, even with me right up to him with my camera (he had a few good licks at the lens though)

Hopeful that some chicken would fall off the counter top…

Waiting for his treat Mistaking the lens for his treat.

I had lots of fun with you Archie! See you soon.

3 thoughts on “Young Archie of Epping”

  1. Awww!!! Archie’s just a baby Boxer! I’ve had Boxer’s my entire life – except for one Golden Retriever – and Archie is a beauty! I’m glad you didn’t crop his ears, I think they look so much cuter with them natural! Plus it hurts them… Does he have his tail? I had one Boxer that had a long tail and ouch, did that thing hurt!

    Sorry, I’m rambling, I just LOVE Boxers! Great pictures and thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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