London by Light

So hello dear blog world. I have started a new project that I’m calling “London by Light”, see I live in London but I’m not your typical city girl. I much prefer the wide open spaces of the country side, fresh air and the sound of very little, but I do live here and so I figured that hey, I should make the most of my time in this city and get some fabulous shots of my surroundings. Thus, “London by Light” was born.
Basically when I get the opportunity I will jump on the London Underground and get into the crazy, busy and bustling city and get some night shots.
These pics are the start of my project, hope you like them and remember that they are available for purchase so drop me a line if you are interested.

A different view of London Bridge

Millenium Bridge, with St. Pauls Cathedral in the background, at dusk

On the Millenium Bridge, ever busy London

View from the Thames, looking towards the City

The fabulous London Eye

Tower Bridge at Dusk

For now, goodnight London – see you soon!!

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