Running White Rhinos

This series of images was captured in the Kruger National Park, in South Africa. We were driving near Orpen Dam and my husband’s well trained eyes saw a tiny bit of movement in the bush just to the side of the vehicle. We stopped, reversed (under his typical Kruger Park instruction of how far back to go “go…go…go…wait…forward abit…ok, stop!”) and right there, very well camouflaged were two massive white rhino’s. We watched them, they watched us and after a little while they decided to take a wander.

We slowly followed in our 4×4, they started to gain some speed, then a little more. Within a couple of minutes they were running just to the left  front of our vehicle (still in the bush, which was starting to thin out). I was in the front passenger seat with my 50-500mm lens at the ready. Camera set to high motor drive, trying to steady myself because by this stage they were getting closer to the dirt road, which was kicking up a few bumps and with that lens on my camera I’m hanging on to a good few kg’s.

It looked as though they were going to run across in front of the vehicle.
Then, wham they came out the bush, took a lovely jog on the road directly in front of us – and then decided that they would head off into the bush again.
Got the shots!!
It was quite exciting and after their jog on the road we couldn’t find them again.

It will always amaze me how the animals you see in the game reserve can take literally a few steps into the bush and you will not be able to see them again.
In the past few years there has been horrendous poaching of these incredible animals, the rhino is extremely endangered and have been hit hard in South Africa. I only hope that the conservationists can put a stop to this carnage so that my childrens children will be able to enjoy them like we do.

Happy Monday!

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