Twinkle Twinkle

Christmas is upon us. Our tree is up and twinkling. We have an endless supply of mince pies and oooh…perhaps a little bit of red wine at the ready.

This year is a very special Christmas for me, I will be with my family – my entire family of which has not happened in 9 years. 9 years, yes really, it’s way too long and I just cannot wait to sit around the tree watching the kiddies opening the gifts (and removing the decorations from the tree, which is happening OFTEN in my house at the moment), then spending time around the table eating some lovely food together and just being thankful for all that I have in my life. Gifts and material things really are not of importance to me, I want my family and peace and love. Yes, I realise what that sounds like, but right now to me – that’s where I’m at.

So…as you know, it gets dark quite early up here in the Northern Hemisphere, the lights have many an hour to twinkle twinkle. Here are a couple of macro shots of my very special snowman (two angles so you can fully appreciate his awesomeness) and of a little glittering decoration. These were handheld, I seldomly use a tripod (I use the technique of breathe in, stay as still as possible and shoot) with my 50mm macro lens.

And Santa’s little helper making sure I get it right!

These images make me feel all festive…lets get out the mince pies and enjoy.

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