Back in 2005

I have just been going through my archived photo’s – I am gathering my wedding images together and I couldn’t help but be slightly distracted by a little file called “Miscellaneous – 2005”. Ooh and it paid off. I found about 5 images of my husband & I in 2005, about a month after we arrived in the UK.

I’m looking at them now thinking “aah we look so sweet and young”, which kind of makes me feel older than I really am. We hadn’t been married very long and we had just touched down in a new country and there was so much to be learnt and gained. Even the colour of my hair is about 40% lighter than it is now and that’s not through colouring, oh no no – it’s through that amazing thing called the African Sun!

So here we are at Blackpool (yes, Blackpool) and we were either just about to go on or had just been on the Big Dipper – which, I may add when it got to the very top of the first section of the ride, right before you feel you’re plunging into nowhere, I remember thinking “WHY AM I ON THIS THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!”

And one more thing, you can see we hail from South Africa, it was June in UK and we had jeans and jackets on – I probably had 3 layers under the jacket. I will say that I have improved and after a long winter, 18 degrees is warm now!

Happy Monday.

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