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A truly African wedding

This is the story of Allan and Delia. The love Africa, no they LOVE Africa. They live up near the Kruger National Park and when they aren’t in the Kruger driving around spotting game and birds, they are planning their next big African 4×4 trip – and real 4×4 stuff, make the hair on the back of your neck stand up kind of stuff.

So when the day dawned for them to get married, you would expect nothing less than them getting married outside, under a thatch roof with all the table decorations created by Delia (and her many helpers) – she had been collecting a lot of these items for quite some time and for it to have a real African feel.
Their wedding was in summer in South Africa, it was hot. The day started with everyone relaxing around the pool and quietly preparing for what was to come. When it came time to decorate the tables (which were outside under a very thin material ‘roof’), the weather looked ominous. Not even a minute after the tables were beautifully decorated, and photographed (phew) the wind picked up and literally threw everyone’s hard work onto the ground. Chairs were blowing around, people were trying to catch acorns, placemats, serviettes…

Luckily the wind blew itself away, the table decorations were re-created and when it came time for the wedding ceremony it was quiet and calm and went off without a hitch. Allan and Delia tied the knot and by the pics you can see the pure happiness (possibly relief for not getting rained on) in their faces.
That was until dinner when everyone sat down and the heavens literally opened and poured down on us. Everyone ran for cover…except for one table who decided to put their chair covers on their heads and eat outside, after all it is what the bride and groom had imagined for their special day.

Delia’s elegant bouquet

Yes, the table settings!

The beautiful wedding garden

It’s official, Mr & Mrs!


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