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It’s not all Black & White

So this little cherub you see in the image below has been photographed by me on several occasions – I even took the pics at her parents wedding.

On this day, when this photo was taken, which has been described by her Dad as an “iconic” picture of her, we were playing in the garden and I had the zoom lens working it’s magic whilst Mia sat on the deck playing with her toys and some bubbles.
There isn’t much to say about it, because little Mia works her cuteness in this image and yes, I did a little photoshop-ing

2 thoughts on “It’s not all Black & White”

  1. Hmmm, in a brief description. Copy your background layer – on the copied layer, I used the magic wand to select the toy, opacity approx. 20 – select the inverse so it selects the rest of the image and not the toy – then desaturate. It turned the rest of the image b&w and kep the toy in colour. Then if you want, put a little bit of saturation into the toy to make it ‘pop’. Why copy the background layer? I always do, so if it doesn’t work out how I want it to, I can just trash it & I have the original perfectly intact. Hope that helps you…good luck.

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