Emma ~ baby photography

This photo shoot was a very special one.

It was of little Emma and her parents. The minute I got to this shoot I could see the love this family has, they adore their little girl and it shows. Emma was so good throughout the shoot (it can get tiring being so cute) and midway she caught up on some beauty sleep, but that gave me some extra time to get those important detailed shots.

Although she is still very young I could tell that she has her Dad wrapped around her finger and they have a special bond, which I think you can clearly see in the following photo.

I really like photos like the one below, always fun to look back in a few years (or even months) time and see how much your little one has grown.

Catching up on that all important sleep

Just in case you’re wandering…she did wake up again and then we ventured into the garden where she was joined by her cousin for some quick snaps and then back inside because it was hot!

A good shoot to wrap up my 2011 and happy 2012 to everyone.

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