In search of Spring

Spring is beginning to show its colours. In the last few days I have notice some cherry blossoms blooming (early, I know!) and there are the odd few daffodils and crocus’ that have popped up. I love this time of year, after a long bleak winter, little bits of colour are beginning to creep in and you just know that in a few weeks time everything will be blooming and beautiful. I personally cannot wait.

Today I took my camera with to the park and found what I was looking for.

Aah yellow happy daffodils

This bench looked like a great place to sit and watch the world go by

We (as in my son & I) also found a few ducks in the park and I found a new technique of photographing and creeping up on a duck. It involves getting all the settings right on my camera and carefully creeping up to the duck with as little movement as possible, with my camera streched out infront of me to get perspective, shooting and hoping that my focus and aim is right – I should add that there was no-one else around to see me because I probably looked like a fool. I think I did okay with the technique though…

A good portrait

Feathered details

Well, regardless, we had fun 🙂

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