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Beautiful winter wedding

I recently had the opportunity to assist at a wedding. It was actually quite interesting to be at a wedding and be able to try a few new little techniques and tricks that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to try out on the wedding day.

It was freezing…I mean -4 degrees and snow (later on in the evening) freezing. The groom was doing a little bit of pacing up and down, I’m not entirely sure if that was his way of keeping warm, or just nerves? When his gushing bride arrived, he immediately relaxed and the wedding was very special.

Filipe & Elizabeth had chosen a gorgeous bright pink as their wedding colour and it worked so well with brightening up their lovely day.

Lizzie arrived in a traditional London Routemaster bus, it definitely made for a grand entrance.

The sweetest little flower girl

Like I mentioned earlier, I was assisting so after this point of the wedding my shooting opportunities ended. In all, it was a fun and happy wedding and the bridal couple did really well having their photo’s outside in the ice cold.

Congratulations again!

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