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Behind the scenes

Here is a little insight to what happens during a lifestyle shoot with Kirsten Duberly Photography.

I normally give 1-2 hours in total for the shoot. This does not mean, however, that you’ll have the camera pointed at you for all this time. Basically I like to allocate that amount of time because when I arrive at your home, you have a new baby and things usually take a little time to get set up and for me to give your baby some time to get used to another person being around.
I will normally start off with some family shots, Mom, Dad, baby and if there is another sibling then we’ll get those shots done first. Everyone is nice and fresh and if the older sibling starts getting bored, frustrated etc then at least I know I’ve got afew good shots of them and they can carry on playing.

If it’s a newborn baby, usually they are asleep when I arrive, if not then they will normally fall asleep by this point.

Depending on the baby, sometimes they can get a little niggly now, so again it’s a good break to have, if they haven’t fallen asleep, Mom usually has a special chair or something to place them in to give them some time to rest.

Then I’ll get some shots of baby asleep, if it’s a newborn then we can mould them into little positions (again, I recommend getting those superbly beautiful newborn images around 5-10 days after birth).  Some detail shots, hands, feet…all those tiny little details that seem to leave us in a fleeting moment.

Once I’m satisfied with the amount and variation of images I have, usually the parents will have something in mind they would like to try, at that point we can give those a whirl.

With older children, they are usually running around and don’t sit still for very long, so I’ll spend some time playing with them so they get used to me and then have a session with getting their individual portraits done. I’ve learnt to be quick (my son is a fab subject because if I don’t move fast enough and have my focus ready AT ALL TIMES, I miss the great moment)

So, yes, I say a couple of hours – maybe we decide on a change of clothes in the middle of the shoot, it could start raining and we have to run indoors and then take the situation from there…so it is a variety of factors that need to get taken into consideration. But mostly it will be nice and relaxed and fun.

Beautiful light, great expressions…fast moving subject and lots of laughs!

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