Photograph TODAY

There is a fun project going on – it’s all about taking a photograph on May 15th, so people all over the world take their image and upload it to and by using the power of photography it creates, shares and compares perspectives on daily life!

Everyone has a camera these days, even if it’s just on your mobile phone. Take a pic & upload it. You don’t have to be a professional or it doesn’t have to be an award winning image…it’s like today will be frozen in time for generations to see.

There will be a book published & possibly some other cool things going on. So get involved & share a fleeting moment of everyday life.

Here is what I did. My husband and I reading to our son, with his toys splashed about the lounge – even though the image was slightly ‘directed’, it is what goes on everyday and all I had to do was put my camera on the floor in amoungst the mess of toys and snap. Easy peasy.

4 thoughts on “Photograph TODAY”

    1. The deadline to upload photos is May 22. I believe you can still register even though you didn’t intentionally participate. As long as you took photos of life on May 15, you can share them.

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