Sun and sand…banks

Happy days, summer is here! We have waited a very long time, I feel as though I have been wearing winter clothing for ever now.
The Friday that has just passed, my family and I went to a beach called Sandbanks, just off the coast of Poole. It’s a small peninsula and we put our car on the ferry, which is basically chained to the dock and rolls the ferry out & pulls it back, and sailed across the channel (ok, it took all of 4 minutes to cross, but I was quite excited by the whole deal).

The beach was beautiful. Beautiful!!!! The water was superbly crystal clear and it was such a special day in the sun with my family.
We played in the sand and even swum, the water was so refreshing and cool.

Here are just a couple of snaps I took. If you’re in the UK and wanting to go to the beach, go to Sandbanks, it is a gorgeous place.

Now get off the computer and go enjoy some sunshine 🙂

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