Diamond Jubilations

As most of the world is aware, the past weekend was the Queens Diamond Jubilee and, wow, did London put on a show.
From all the shops going bunting mad, with every conceivable item with a British flag emblazened on it, to the 1000 strong boat flotilla down to the Thames to the immense concert infront of Hyde Park – it truly was a British weekend.

Now, I am South African, but I have lived here for 7 years so it was difficult not to get wrapped up in the patriotism.
We headed off to Putney on Saturday to watch (some) of the flotilla, it started further down the river, but we got to see about half of the boats from where we were and the atmosphere was great.

Like I mentioned the weekend was a lovely one, Monday and Tuesday were bank holidays so everyone was in true holiday mode.
My patriotic cake

The commonwealth boats coming under Putney bridge, they were the boats that went directly infront of the Royal Barge

My husband & I – it was a narrow balcony so we had to lean out to get into the shot with the boats.

I’m sure at the end of the evening yesterday, after the Queen appeared on TV to say “Thank you” for all the celebrations, she just wanted to put her slippers on and relax on the couch with a cuppa!
At least that’s what I would have done if I were her.

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