In search of Red

The other day I went in search of a poppy field. I did some quick googling research and found a cycling blog that mentioned there was this poppy field near a crossroad in Carshalton, if you followed the London to Brighton cycle route you would find it. So I went to the crossroad, it wasn’t there. I followed the route a far way around the area, still nothing. I should really have done more research (real research).

Anyway I ended up at the Mayfield Lavender field where I was about 10 months ago and it was the subject of my very first blog entry. I found a sum total of 2 poppies in the field and against the purple of the lavender it really was pretty and looking at the image it looks as though I’ve photoshoped it in – I haven’t, I promise.

I still haven’t found the poppy field – or any other poppy field for that mattter, so if anyone knows of one in and around the area, please let me know!!
Happy Friday everyone.

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