Feel the Olympic spirit

Yesterday was quite an exciting day, the Olympic torch went passed my house. The. Olympic. Torch. Went. Passed. My. House.

The flame has been carried through over 1000 cities in Britain. It was lit in Greece on the 18 May 2012 and has been making it’s way, via a relay, around the United Kingdom. It has been organised in such a way that the flame has been within 10 miles of 95% of the population…now that’s some organising!
Standing on the street yesterday (on what was the hottest day of the year so far), seeing people pouring out of their homes to find their little spot to see a piece of history go by, it felt really special. I had my son with me, who is too young to even know what he was looking at, but he was there and clapping and waving at everyone, he too was a part of it.

It was due to arrive in the Borough of Merton at 3.20pm and it did. Like clockwork. I could see the police beginning to line the streets, everyone was in a party mood and then there was cheering, music and the rolling procession was there.

Now, I’m really sorry, but I may be wrong. As far as I can research, the torchbearer for this part of Merton was Jason Greenberg who is  the director of operations for Great Britain Baseball – please, if I am wrong, let me know.

This is a shot about 5 minutes before the relay got to us, everyone waiting…

The Samsung bus got everyone in the party mood

Big, bright Coca-Cola bus

Funky Lloyds TSB bus

Moment to Shine…what everyone has been waiting for.

I feel lucky to have been able to see the Olympic torch and to be in London during the games…so there is only one thing left to say:
Let the Games begin!

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