Lost Sparkle

I haven’t been around for a while. There were a few bumps in the road and I just haven’t felt up to writing and have also been busy.

I have a drawer full of bracelets, beads and pretty things. When I lived in South Africa I would wear them all the time – I love them. I was in SA recently and bought some new beads. Now that I’ve returned to the UK, they’re back in the drawer just sitting there. It’s so freaking cold and wet here that I end up wearing loads of layers and big jackets and it’s pretty impossible to wear my sparklies. With certain coats it’s even uncomfortable to wear my watch, seriously.

The point of this post is I feel like those bracelets. In SA I am who I was supposed to be. Happy and loving life, colourful, wearing my beads and feeling good about myself. I return to the UK and my world gets dark and boring and sad. I’ve worked my butt off to try get some good photography gigs going and I feel as though I keep hitting a brick wall. You know those times when you just need someone to give you a break? I’m at that stage, I just need someone to believe in me – I have believed that I can do it, but I’m beginning to wander if the universe is trying to send me a signal (ie: sell your camera and get over this rubbish, get an admin job because honestly it’s all that you can crack).

Gosh, this post has turned out to be a downer (sorry, Mom, I know you read my internet ramblings). It’s just how I feel. I just need some sunshine and answers – oh and maybe a wedding to photograph, I am good at it – I promise. Any takers?

So the point of this post was about lost sparkle and how I long to be in South Africa. I need to get my sparkle back and quick!!!New Year and all that in a few hours, so without jumping on the cliche wagon – hopefully 2013 will be a good one and I can get back to happy go lucky. IMG_3543 IMG_3548IMG_3557  IMG_3560

So here’s to happier, brighter days where I get back to being happier and brighter. Kirst 🙂


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