Photography, Three Six Five

Three Six Five (January 1-7)

I love a good challenge, so I have set myself the age old goal of taking a photograph every single day for a year. New Year and all that, I’ve made many resolutions in the past, most of them along the lines of giving up chocolate, and for some very strange reason it usually doesn’t work.

This year I will succeed. Not only have I decided to set this daily task, but I’ve decided that it will be with my Canon 50mm macro lens and I’m going to shoot as much as possible in 2.5 or 2.8…challenge accepted!! I only decided this after the first few days, so the beginning shots are not in that aperture.
I’m sure there will be days were even though I use the macro lens, it won’t be in macro format, does that make sense? But it will solely be with that lens.

1 January 2013


2 January 2013


3 January 2013


4 January 2013


5 January 2013


6 January 2013


7 January 2013


PS: Shooting in Britain in the depths of dark winter provides it’s own fun lighting challenges.

Hope you enjoy!! Next update in about 10 days or so.

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