Photography, Three Six Five

Three Six Five. January 8 – 17

More macro 365, some days I’m quite inspired and get my shot done and am all happy with myself. Other days, I’m getting ready for bed and realise that I haven’t taken anything…oops. Maybe in time it will become a part of my daily routine, hell, I still have 11.5 months to get this waxed.

I have also realised that I generally compose with the main subject on the right hand side of my image. I never noticed this before, but now that I have I’m going to try work on a little more creativity (see, this has it’s benefits).

January 808.01.13January 9

09.01.13January 10

10.01.13January 11

11.01.13January 12

12.01.13January 13

13.01.13January 14

14.01.13January 15

15.01.13January 16

16.01.13(I promise this was taken on the 16th, the date on my watch needs to be changed)

January 17

17.01.13Hope you like ’em, feel free to comment, share with friends and generally make me famous (then I can check another item off my list of “to-do” life achievements).
Can any of you guess the more obscure shots, like January 17?



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