Three Six Five

Three Six Five: January 18 – 24

Here’s the next installment of daily photo’s. We had snow, lots of it, it started on Friday and came to an end on Sunday. Although each day since then there has been a small ‘flurry’ (some snow terminology for you). It has been fun, up until the point of me bashing away at the ice on our driveway so my husband could get his van parked. I had a 3kg bag of dishwasher salt and the door mat, the method was something like this:
*sprinkle salt
*bash away at ice with corner of broom
*watch husband attempt to reverse
*watch husband’s back wheels spinning and going nowhere (maybe a little sideways sliding, which was not the desired result)
*grab doormat and in one swift move throw it under back wheels
*jump out of way as husband’s wheels find grip and large van starts to reverse in my general direction
*do happy dance when van is safely parked
*hope neighbour’s weren’t watching

So after that fantastic explanation, here are the daily images:
January 18
18.01.13January 19
19.01.13January 20
20.01.13January 21
21.01.13January 22
22.01.13(camera shake? er…maybe a little)

January 23
23.01.13January 24
24.01.13Happy ice days everyone, hopefully it’s finished now, but somehow I doubt it. I really need to move to a warmer climate. Really.

Bye bye

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