Photography, Three Six Five

Three Six Five: February 19 – 28

I’m back with the last batch of February. There was a glitch…I had shot my daily image and was erasing the one’s I didn’t want and got a little over excited with the erase function and deleted the 20th February image. It WAS an image of a leaf with raindrops on it, but even with my recovery software I couldn’t retrieve it.
So here they are…
February 19

19.02.13February 20 – missing, deleted by over zealous deleting
February 21

21.02.13Now, this isn’t the greatest shot, shooting at f2.5 it’s difficult to find focus in a glass of water and I was in a little bit of a rush. Not an excuse, but when I have more time then I will get what I want.

February 22

22.02.13February 23

23.02.13February 24

24.02.13February 25

25.02.13Seriously, I have no idea why I took this picture. I’m not sure I even like it – I’ll blame my ‘inspiration’ on the horsemeat scandal. Horse or cow??

February 26

26.02.13Hello signs of Spring. So exciting!!!!! (many exclamation points representing my excitement)

February 27

27.02.13Not macro, but it’s a nice silhouette

February 28

28.02.13And that’s about it for February.
Thanks for reading.
PS: The strawberries were as delicious as they look.






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