Three Six Five

Three Six Five: March 15 – 31 (ish)

So um, I skipped a few days. We went away and things were busy and and and. Theoretically it’s not until the 31st then, I think the last day was the 29th.

Anyway…here they are
March 15

15.03This one isn’t macro, but I had this beautiful wide angle lens that was used for another shoot and I just snapped a couple in our kitchen
March 16
16.03March 17
17.03March 18

March 19
19.03March 20
20.03Lots of fresh fruit, yum
March 21
21.03March 22
22.03Easter cupcakes, super yum
March 23
23.03March 24

March 25
25.03Making Easter decorations
March 26
26.03The finished art project
March 27
27.03March 28
28.03Not macro, but….that much snow in March?? Crazy crazy

March 29
29.03More snow, the snow drifts make it look a bit like sand dunes.
And sadly that’s it. It has taken me a while to download all these images so I’ll follow up with April’s pics tomorrow.
Need to be more efficient, oh well, maybe next month.

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