Three Six Five

Three Six Five: April 1 – 17

Howdy hey
I know I said I would update the pics the day after my previous post, I didn’t and here I am a few days later.

The sun has been shining and literally in the last couple of days the few plants we have in our garden have suddenly just blossomed, it’s all very exciting. I’m also about to plant some seeds, I believe “sow” is the correct term…well, I’ve never been good at sewing

so hopefully this kind of sowing is a bit more succesful.

My April pics
April 1
01.04April 2

02.04April 3
03.04April 4
04.04April 5
05.04April 6
06.04April 7
07.04April 8
08.04An attempt to sow some seeds, but these were being re-housed whilst we tried to salvage the flower beds from the mini flood it was experiencing…
April 9
April 10
10.04April 11
April 12
12.04Could it be more rainy?
April 13
13.04April 14
14.04April 15
15.04April 16
16.04April 17
17.04Happy Wednesday to everyone.

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