In the blink of an eye

Time waits for no-one. 10 years ago I married my love. We had recently finished studying and had a small, down to earth, happy wedding in my home town. I honestly cannot believe that it’s been 10 years and I had always dreamed of us renewing our vows at our 10 year wedding anniversary, sadly that hasn’t panned out but it doesn’t take anything away from this special anniversary.

When I remember our day, I remember the warmth, the smiling faces, laughing with my family and friends, dancing barefoot (have I ever mentioned I’m really not a shoe person?), missing out on dessert (that was upsetting) and just being happy.
When I look at our wedding album it takes me right back to the day and all the little things that happened and made our day special. I treasure our wedding album because after the day is over, we don’t have much that is tangible to hold onto. My dress, my husbands suit and our wedding album. That’s it.
And here is one of my favourite photos….all together now, “aah”


1 thought on “In the blink of an eye”

  1. The wedding day is usually a very special day in everybody’s life; a day of joy. Who would not like the joy of that day to continue? Yet for many people it does not. The reason is people do not work as hard to keep their marriage going as they work to bring it about. if only people could work a little harder on their marriages!

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