Frozen fingers

Sometimes I get to a point in winter where my fingers are just cold, my toes are just cold…heck, it’s cold and I’m at my limit here. I was definitely built for the summer. I’m the remote island, drinking cocktails in 30 degree weather, not the snow covered mountain, drinking wine by the fireplace kind of girl. So when I get to February, I’m generally at my limit of how much winter I can deal with.

I will push on through this month and look forward to Spring. I love Spring, it warms up (and let me tell you that when it’s -2 degrees, then it can get to an incredible 14 degrees…that, dear internet reader, is warm) and not least of all my photographic calendar starts filling up again. People are coming out of hibernation and want lovely family photo shoots…I’m very excited.

For now, though, here are some wintery images.Copyright Kirsten Duberly Photography Copyright Kirsten Duberly Photography Copyright Kirsten Duberly Photography

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