Baby Teagan ~ Newborn photography

Several weeks ago I did a family/maternity shoot in Nonsuch Park with the Smolka family and now their little baby girl, Teagan, is here. She is a real cutie (like her big brother) and slept and curled up so beautifully during her very first photoshoot.
Teagan spent a short time awake during the session and we managed to get some lovely images with the family and her, including some with her proud Granny.
After that, she had a feed and went to sleep and we achieved some gorgeous images that I know her parents really wanted. Her big brother was super busy so even though we tried to get some with him, he was too excited to sit still with her for longer than a few moments – kids will be kids.

Here are some of my favourite.

Safe in Dad’s hands
Kirsten Duberly Photography

Kirsten Duberly Photography Kirsten Duberly Photography

All the small details that go by so quickly

Kirsten Duberly PhotographyI think this photo is just beautiful too

Kirsten Duberly Photography

On that gorgeous note, I wish this family all the best with their two little cherubs. It was a pleasure being able to photograph them at this special time.

Kirst x

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