Purple beauty

4 years ago, I loaded my baby boy in our car and went in search of a lavender field I had heard of. I was blown away by it’s beauty, it’s quietness and just being surrounded by all these amazingly scented flowers. I now go every year and it’s become somewhat of a small tradition…not to mention, I now have 4 years of photos to look back on and see how quickly my son is growing up and now my baby girl too.

This was my first visit of the year, the lavender isn’t in full bloom, but my Mom was here for a visit and it was her last weekend here, so we went. It was so lovely seeing the kiddies running through the flowers together, we will definitely re-visit the field again in the near future.

KD-photography4KD-photography3 KD-photography1

I love this set here, I can almost see their conversation
“I saw something over there”


“Oh…looks like it’s gone”


“Ok, let’s go”


If you’re interested in a family photo session in the field, please get hold of me, there is an additional fee due to it being on private land and if you’re wandering where this amazing place is, it’s Mayfield Lavender in Carshalton.
Enjoy this wonderful weather we’re having,
Kirst x

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