Just keep swimming….

When I’m not on a photo shoot, running around after the kids or trying to get my house in some form of respectability (insert laughter here), I go swimming. I’ve been doing open water swims since I was 18 and it just kind of feels like

it’s a huge part of me. I can swim for ages and when I’m training, I usually do the distance I’m training for and then find myself thinking “ok, just two more lengths” and after those I think “ok, just two more lengths”…..

This weekend I did a 2km swim at Tooting Bec Lido. This was the coldest water I’ve ever swum in and the first pool challenge I’ve done, which didn’t have the freedom of open water, but was a good swim. The first length (90m) I kept having to catch my breath, but my wetsuit was doing its job and I soon warmed up and then ironically my hands and feet started getting ridiculously cold. When I stopped to double check the amount of lengths I had swum, I started talking to my husband and realised my face was numb. My. Face. Was. Numb.

Anyway I was also raising money for the amazing MacMillan Cancer Support, which also puts a different spin on doing things like this, people get behind you and support the cause. It’s brilliant. I have a lovely fundraising page too (hint, hint – if you live in the UK).

So I completed the swim in a relaxed 44 minutes, I’m looking forward to another long distance swim, but I think it will now have to wait until 2016 as summer is officially over. Here are some pics, courtesy of my photographer hubby xx


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