Family photography – Cheam

The sun is setting much earlier now and it is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

The autumn leaves are falling and with the colours and the setting sun, you’ve just got to get out to open spaces and enjoy it. These pictures were taken about an hour before the ‘official’ sunset, but that is one thing I love about England, sunset takes a long time and you can really get some stunning images.

In my expert guesstimation, I can confidently say that these leaves and this sunlight is not going to be around for much longer, maybe a couple of weeks at the most. So if you want these kind of images for your family album and hung on the walls in your home, get in touch soon.kdphoto1 kdphoto2 kdphoto4 kdphoto5 kdphoto6 kdphoto8And I don’t know about you, but I cannot walk through these fallen leaves without having to kick them…I just can’t.
Kirst x

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