Baby V ~ Newborn photography

This beautiful little baby girl was all of 7 days old at her newborn photo session. 1 year ago I photographed her big sister’s first birthday party and the year before that I photographed her big sisters newborn session – so I feel like I know this family quite well now.

I was so happy to receive an email asking me to return to their family home to photograph their new arrival. It took a little while for this cherub to fall asleep, Mum & I tried many different ‘tricks’, but she wouldn’t have it. So we decided to do some photo’s with Mum and baby first and hoped that would do help her to fall asleep. After many cuddles and ‘shhh’s’, this little princess eventually did fall asleep.
I think we got some gorgeous images, love her little lips!


Then it was time to take the family pics and working with a 2 year old is always fun, because generally they will do the exact opposite of what I would like them to do. Haha, at least it keeps me on my toes. These girls’ Dad worked his magic and helped to get his little girl to co-operate (even if there were a few small bribes thrown in).


That’s all from this newborn photoshoot.
Have a great day,
Kirst x

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