Family Photography

Dear Busy Mum

Dear Mum

You’re tired, I hear you. These days are messy and exhausting and when the kids are finally asleep at night, the moment you get to flop down on the sofa is a good moment.

So what if I said to you that it’s the time to dig out that dress (the one you’ve hardly had a chance to wear) from the back of your wardrobe, put some make up, get the kids and your partner a little bit dressed up and meet me at a local picturesque spot for some family photo’s?

Let’s capture these days!!!!!!

Kids grow up before our eyes and you need to have tangible memories of how small their hands were, how they went through that stage of pulling a funny face (my daughter went through a “pirate face” stage, one eye closed and this cheeky grin on her face).

Please don’t think “I’ll wait until I loose weight” or other excuses. Be in photographs with your children, these days we click hundreds of pictures of our children on our smart phones, but when last were you in a photo with them (and I’m not talking about a selfie with a funny filter). Kids love looking at photos and when they grow up and look back, I guarantee the one’s they cherish the most will have you in them.

Let’s take one hour out of one weekend and create something that will last a whole lot longer than that.

Kirst x

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