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The importance of Business Branding Photography

So it’s already May (gasp! how did that happen?) and this month I’m focussing on Business Branding Photography and why it’s important to you and your business.

Kirsten Duberly Photography Business Branding

With the rise of social media, the way we interact with people (strangers, friends, colleagues) has changed. People have almost everything they want at their fingertips and I know from personal experience, if I’m looking for a certain product or service I might find a small business or entrepreneur on Instagram, follow them for a few months and then purchase what I was looking for. Why does it take me that long? Well, if it’s (for example) a business coach that I’m following, I want to hear what they’re saying, perhaps comment on their posts and see if they respond and basically feel connected to what they’re doing and saying. What grabs my attention? Good, solid images. That’s first and then of course, I’m reading what they’re talking about or looking at the product they’re selling.

Snaps on iPhones do the job, but if you’re ready to take your website and social media sites to the next level, then a Business Branding Session might be what you need. It takes the difficult part out for you, you get a professional photographer with an eye for detail and a love for showing small businesses off in their best way.

People want to know about you, what it is that drives you and they like to see a face behind the business. This is where I come in. Before your shoot, you have the option to tell me about your business and what it is you want to achieve from the shoot and focus on. Then once we have agreed a mutual date and time, I will come to your business location (if you have a desk in your house and that’s your ‘office’, that of course is fine we can meet somewhere outdoors and focus on YOU) and shoot you working in your office or creative space, some portraits, some detailed shots and of course of your product. This is a relaxed, easy going session. We will focus on what you want to portray most and above all, it’s a fun session…if you are enjoying yourself it will show through.

You’ll then receive your online gallery where you can download your images and use them immediately. On your website, they’re yours to use and flash around. Pop one onto a business card or anywhere you please. Using them on social media will give you a good mix between pro images and snaps from your phone. It will keep people interested and who knows, you may be getting new clients knocking on your door.

Kirsten Duberly Photography Business Branding

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Looking forward to connecting with you.

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