Family Photography

Pessenbacher Family ~ Surrey family photography

Prepare yourself for this bunch of cuteness!!!!
I photographed Riley when he was 6 days old (you can have a look at his newborn session here) and suddenly his Mum was enquiring about a shoot because he is now 8 months old and is a sitter.

We met up in Cheam, Riley was a little sniffly so I decided to get his photo’s done first and then we moved onto the family shots. So, cue finding a gorgeous spot with flowers and a little bit of privacy from the people wandering around the park and Riley brought his cute.

He then got to cuddle with his Mum & Dad, now I love this bit…I just told them to interact, because that’s a way more natural thing to do than trying to get everyone looking at me in every shot. What was going on here, I don’t actually know but these pics are overflowing with so much love for this little guy.

I have photo’s similar to these from when my kids were this small and they are so precious because these moments are fleeting. Think about the changes in the first two years of your child’s life and how much they grow and develop and become these glorious little characters, I can’t stress enough how much these photos will mean in a few years time.

A few more with Mum & Dad separately and that was the shoot done, it was quick and even though we did lots of nose and dribble wipes (if you look closely at the pic below, there was a great strand of dribble onto Dad’s head!), he really was a super star!!

Have a great day.
Kirst x

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