Time to unplug

Sometimes we just need to unplug and get away from it all. It’s the summer holidays and I have two young children, which means 7 weeks of holidays and having them at home with me. They deserve my attention, most days so far we have been playing cricket in the garden, going to the park and last week we were camping in Lyme Regis.
When we camp we do not get an electric site, we have our phones with us but most of the time they are on aeroplane mode and unless we need them for something in particular we don’t look at them.

It’s so good to do this. Not only to be able to give my kids the attention they want and I mean ‘attention’ in the way of searching for bugs, searching for fossils on the beach, building sand castles and generally enjoying the ages they’re at and hopefully making good memories with them. My parents never had mobile phones and iPads, we didn’t even have a computer at home so most of the time they were present and we always had fun together.

Take the time to unplug, switch off and listen to the people around you. Roast marshmallows over the fire and enjoy these special, long days, jumping in rivers and building forts because they’ll be over in the blink of an eye.

The above was Lyme Regis beach during RNLI lifeboat week just before the Red Devil’s parachuted down onto the beach.

Now it’s time for me to get back to work, but I feel recharged after my ‘time away’ and look forward to the rest of the summer hols with, perhaps, a little healthier outlook on how much time I spend staring at a screen for no real reason.

Kirst x

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