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Summer holidays – half way through!!!!

We are now officially half way through the Summer holidays.

How is everyone holding up? So far our holidays have been lovely. We’ve had a few play dates, been away camping and done some local days out, I have hardly heard the words “I’m bored” (perhaps because my kids know that if I hear those words, I find them chores around the house and then quite amazingly, they are no longer “bored”). I thought I would make a quick list for anyone who is around the South West London area and looking for some fun things to do that don’t cost a huge amount and can get some fresh air in their lungs and banish the boredom.

Morden Hall Park

I love this place!!!! As soon as you turn into the car park, it’s quiet and you feel like you’re out of a bustling city. We have a good wander around the park, a play in the natural play area, the board walk is fantastic for spotting dragonflies and hearing the birds calling. On hot days, we take a picnic lunch and laze by the river…there is enough space that you’re not on top of each other and the kids can play safely in the water.

The Magic Garden – Hampton Court Palace

Fab-U-Lous! We generally get at least one visit in during the summer and you guessed it, the kiddies love it. There is loads of space for them to run and play, there’s water and sand to get stuck into, several big slides and a tree house that I am envious of! On super busy days you get a time slot and I completely understand why, otherwise it would be over-crowded, but on the quieter days you can stay for a long time. We usually take a lunch with and then head over the the maze afterwards. That’s always good fun. The last time we were there, we kept getting ‘stuck’ in this dead end…the kids thought it was hilarious…I was getting a little worried we would never make it out!

Box Hill – Dorking

So a tiny bit further down the A217, but really it’s not that far away. The view from the look out point is spectacular and it’s so quiet and calm out there. We’ve done many many walks out at Box Hill, I must say I love the Stepping Stones walk, especially for the kids. If you don’t like the idea of going down ALL of the stairs (or up afterwards!!!) there is a car park at the bottom which is right near the stepping stones. Playing down there in the river is a must! Again, it’s shallow enough for everyone to have a splash around and have some fun. Otherwise a good walk through the forest and the natural play trail is always a winner.

Hampton Court Swimming Pool

Such a great outdoor pool. The pool is open all year round and is heated to 28 degrees and there is a good sized area for playing and then roped off lanes for swimming. There is also a smaller, warmer pool for younger kids. A lovely grassed area and a cafe where you can buy food and the all important ice cream. Parking is free onsite but limited, but you can park in the roads near to the pool.

Mayfield Lavender

Now, they are literally harvesting it this week, so get there ASAP. I have blogged many times about Mayfield and it truly is somewhere special to go. It may be a little more for the grown ups than for the kids, but they also enjoy it and of course, you can get some beautiful photographs there. To stop and look at the bees collecting pollen and the butterflies is also pretty special and it’s always good to take some time to (literally) stop and smell the flowers.

Now, I’ve just realised these are all outdoor with little cover from any potential rain. So I guess on rainy days, we tend to stay at home and do creative/crafty things, watch a movie or play games together. Nothing major, but these days fly past us at such a rate, I feel privileged to have the time to be at home with my kids…sometimes just doing nothing together is perfect for me.

Kirst x

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