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Back to school photo’s

It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. I can’t quite believe that the summer holidays are almost over…it really feels like it has flown by.

Do you do anything special to mark the start of school? Or do you grab a quick photograph, in front of the door, before you rush out to school on the first morning. Why are there so many photo’s in front of the house door?

This year why not try something a little different? I have a print out that I made a few years ago that asks the kids the same question and over the years we have had some genuine laughs at what their answers have been. No major questions, but something along the lines of:
“What is your favourite colour?”
“What is your favourite animal?”
“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

Why not give that a try this year, I also left a space at the bottom of the print out for their handprints and that’s such a special way to look back and see how much they have grown.

And then the school pic. I have small sign chalkboards that we write the date and what year they’re going into…

We make sure we have an extra few minutes to do this, so we can get a good few snaps before we leave.
If you don’t have chalkboards, you can write (or get the kids to write) on a piece of paper or if you have a notice board, you can pin the paper on that…there are many ways to get creative and it doesn’t take a lot of effort.

So before we all get back to the usual school run, floundering around in the morning looking for one missing shoe or rushing back in to the house to pick up the forgotten packed lunch bag…take a moment to think about the first day and how you’re going to mark the memory.

Kirst x

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