Personal Branding Photography

A personal celebration

I loved this shoot so much! My friend, Gemma, turned 40 and she celebrated her birthday in style. A few months ago she got hold of me with her idea of dressing up and having a photoshoot…just her…to celebrate HERSELF. Now ladies, listen up! Most of us are mums, we are busy and tired and rushing around, we have all this ‘pressure’ on us from society and what we should be doing and how we should be looking and we almost always shy away from loving ourselves and treating US!! I can hold my hand up and say I’m guilty of this too.

We should stop! We need to love ourselves and if we want to do something that is all about us and (horror!) something that doesn’t involve the rest of the family, we should just bloody do it! So many times I hear mum’s saying they would love a photo shoot but they need to do X or Y first and then they will organise it. The time is now, you’re alive and you should just have fun and go for it.

Gemma certainly did!!

We wandered around Morden Hall Park on a very chilly day, but she owned it. Gemma had a few of the photographs up at her birthday party and got so many compliments. Thank you for trusting me with your ideas and with this shoot that I know you will remember for a long time.

Kirst xx

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