A post I never thought I would be writing

Well, here we are. ALL OF US. Coronavirus pandemic is literally sweeping the world and we are in lockdown.
This blog post was supposed to be about a wedding that I should have photographed last weekend, but alas it is not. I’m not really sure why I’m writing this, maybe just to reach out and say hi and that I’m still here. Things are really weird and being self employed, it meant that my income stream was cut off, overnight. I have several weddings and family shoots booked and this is also the time of the year when bookings start to be confirmed and coming out of the quietest months of the year, it’s a time to look forward.
This year is different and there is much concern for what will happen over the coming months. The weddings that have been postponed are hanging in the balance, more than likely many of them will have to be pushed into 2021 because a lot of the summer dates have been booked up already. The family shoots, they’re more of a scheduling shuffle between me and my family clients, hopefully those aren’t too challenging to rearrange.

But nevertheless, the things we can take out of this is that we are all in it together and everyone has to work around each other and with each other to get through this time. Second to that, on a much more personal note, we get to spend time with our families that we never got before. We get to have a lie in in the morning if that’s what we need, we get cuddles with our kids, we get to sit in the garden and enjoy the sun, to go for walks or cycles together. This time is so precious. My kids have their moments of sadness and many questions, but we are doing the best we can in what is a crazy uncertain time.

Also, how we act during this time is so important. We need to look out for our neighbours, our friends and those who may be struggling with mental health. This is a time to reflect and perhaps explore new avenues or do something we’ve been meaning to for so long, but just haven’t had the time.

I’ll sign off now, like I said, there is no ‘real reason’ behind this post. Stay safe, millions of us are doing a brilliant job of staying at home, protect our AMAZING, OUTSTANDING NHS, remember to clap for them and all the essential workers on Thursdays and hug whoever you are in lockdown with and look forward to the day when you can hug your family and friends again.

Kirst xx

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