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Catarina & Miguel ~ Family Photography

We were half way through lockdown and Catarina got hold of me about a family photoshoot. I was offering doorstep photo sessions and Catarina was interested, even though she said her front door wasn’t pretty, but she was looking for something because she was pregnant and had missed out on her original maternity shoot. She still wanted something to commemorate her pregnancy and this time during her family’s life, before 3 became 4. We discussed options and decided to have a little bit of patience to see when restrictions would be lifted.

The good news is that they were soon relaxed slightly so we waited for the weather to be lovely and sunny and met up in Cheam. It was so wonderful to meet this family and honestly, it was fantastic to meet new people after all this time of being at home. It felt so good to be out photographing families and helping create memories for them.

It was a relaxed session and I got some beautiful photographs of the family all together and some gorgeous portraits of Catarina looking so lovely with her very neat bump.

Here are some of my favourites.

And then this image. I found these two wisteria trees, Catarina stood as far in the one that she could and I photographed her from different angles…firstly the smell was incredible and secondly this beautiful, pregnant mum looked amazing. I simply love this photograph of her, the light, the softness of her smile…this is why I photograph people, for moments like this for this family to look back on and have beautiful images for themselves, their children and possibly even grandchildren.

So that’s their family session, as I’ve mentioned on my social media pages I am fully open for outdoor sessions again, following social distancing guidelines. Get in touch if you’re looking to create some family memories.

Take care, Kirst x

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