Family Photography

Father & daughter moments

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. Do you have any traditions? This year may be quite different from previous years, I know a lot of families are still having to stay apart and that can be difficult for some people.

When I have a family photo session, I aim to take photographs of the kids individually with their mum or dad. I know from my relationship with my dad and from watching and working with people over the years, that there is something wonderfully special about a bond between a father and daughter. This isn’t taking ANYTHING away from a bond between a father and son, that bond is of course wonderful in other ways.
I have two children, a boy and a girl. We are a close family and the bond between my husband and my daughter is definitely special. Little girls can be feisty and gentle all at the same time and they seem to have their dad’s wrapped around them.

So for all of you out there who are lucky enough to still have their dad with them or lucky enough to be a dad, here’s to you. And here’s to the fathers and daughters I have photographed over the years.

And then here’s to a throwback of me and my dad. My dad is no longer with us so having these photographs is incredibly special to me. The colour is not great, but photos of photos will do that I guess.

Have a wonderful Father’s day whether you’re with your dad or calling via video or lighting a candle in his memory.
Kirst x

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