Personal Branding Photography

What is holding you back from Personal Branding photography?

It’s a loaded question and perhaps you’ve got your social media accounts, your website and from time to time you get some flyers printed or have attend a networking meeting and hand out some business cards.

Are you visible in your business and I’m not asking about that selfie that is your profile pic. No, not that. Are there some gorgeous photo’s of you working, laughing, building your business and looking amazing whilst doing it? There is something holding you back and even if you don’t want to say it out loud, I am almost certain it’s something along these lines:
– I need to loose weight!!
– I’m not comfortable in front of the camera
– I don’t need to show people who I am, my business is ticking over nicely, thank you
– My selfie will do and I can update it when I want to
– Photography isn’t for me

Let me help you out here…all of the above are ‘problems’ that can be solved. When you work with a professional photographer, they will know lighting, posing and how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. When I meet someone for the first time, even after we have spent time on the phone or via video call prepping for the session, I never just dive right into taking images of you. We chat, I have a look around your space, your home – wherever we are shooting and I ensure you’re relaxed with me before I even pick up my camera. Then I will pose you, I will shoot at flattering angles, I will be chatting the entire time that I’m behind the camera and honestly, if I get to your place of work and you’re still uncomfortable after me being there for a little while, then we start with product shots and flay lays and go from there.
There is so much value in these sessions, you receive your gallery and you can immediately start using the images. They’re right there on your desktop/iPad etc and they’re yours. Ready to go.

And what are they for, why are you actually getting these photo’s taken? Because everyone else is, right? 😉 They’re to build your business and following and of course show who you are, but also you will more than likely have goals you want to achieve. When people get to your Instagram/Facebook account, they will generally look at the first few images to see what you’ve been saying and then they want to see who you are and most people will spend a short time looking for you, a photograph of you and if they don’t find it they’re more likely to leave your account. Like I’ve mentioned before, they want to connect with you and begin to know and trust who you are.
Imagine one day an email pops into your account and it’s the brand, person or organisation you’ve been wanting to work with for the last few years and they say they want to work with you or feature you. Woohoo!! The excitement. Then they ask for a headshot and what are you going to do? Send that selfie…no you’re not, you’re sending your gorgeous, well lit, flattering photograph that show off you so beautifully and that you’re confident and excited to share.
If you have a headshot that you’re proud of, I promise you, you will be happy to put it online as your profile pic, to share it around and it will make you feel so good about yourself.

And with me, it’s not just headshots. Your gallery won’t be 30 something photo’s of you in different locations. It will be a mix of the more traditional headshot, yes, but also of your product, your craft, if you have animals that you love and it’s part of your daily routine to walk your dog then we can include them…it’s all up to you and what you want to show and that’s why I have the pre-shoot consultation where I learn about you and what you want to achieve with this photo session.

I have 3 simple packages, where value is at the core of them and if you’re looking for something more bespoke, let’s have a chat about that. All of my prices are on my branding page and I’m here to answer questions if you’re looking to find out more.

Can’t wait to hear from you.
Kirst x

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