Bride's engagement ring and lace dress. Cobham Surrey
Wedding Photography

Weddings, let’s chat about that!

Ah 2020, what have you done to us? Weddings being postponed and changed left, right and center. The government recently announced that weddings are opening up so you are able to have a maximum of 30 guests. Yay we all shouted…but no, read that small print before you throw the confetti in excitement.
A maximum of 30 guests, whilst social distancing and the reception can be in groups of up to two households indoors, or up to 6 people from different households outdoors. So basically, no reception. Put the champagne away for a little while longer.

Where does this leave us? For me personally, each bridal couple have approached this for their own circumstances. The one venue I shoot at regularly is only allowing 2 people (additional to the couple) into the wedding ceremony, so basically it’s only their witnesses. Their operating plan is only allowing this, no exceptions. One couple are emigrating after their wedding, so theirs is going ahead with one parent each as their witness/guest. Another couple are going ahead because of previous illness and they feel that another reschedule is just too much to deal with. I am meeting them after their ceremony so we will still be doing their couple’s shoot just as we would on any wedding day, so they will still have something to take away from their wedding and show their family and friends.
My list could go on with all of these examples and quite frankly, it’s really difficult to hear the plans that people now have to make and the sacrifices of family members not being able to be with you, I was a bride too and I would have been so upset if my wedding day had to change so much.
But, we put on our big girl pants and such is life. Our safety and health of our loved ones has to be the priority.

Bridal couple at Morden Park House

Okay, so where does that leave things with bookings going forward? Of course I am taking wedding bookings for 2021 and beyond (if you’re looking further than that), perhaps people will take what has happened during this pandemic and change their plans to have smaller weddings so if there are restrictions placed on us again the likelihood of smaller weddings going ahead is higher. I’m speculating, I don’t know. But what I do know is that yes, I am taking bookings and that yes, if there is another spike and your wedding plans have to change or be postponed, I will work with you to get your new plans sorted out so that you have me as your wedding photographer. I will be keeping my prices the same for the foreseeable future, so even if you want to book now for a year’s time there will be no price increase.

When you book your wedding photography with me, I take a percentage of the full price as the booking fee and the balance only needs to be paid just before the wedding so if you book and then it has to be rescheduled, you only have to pay when it’s actually going ahead.
If you’re planning on getting married in 2021 do get in touch and if you haven’t already had a look at my prices, they’re all on my wedding photography page.

Here’s to 2021!! Crazy saying that in July, but you know what I mean 🙂
Kirst x

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