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Why I no longer offer digital only packages

I have been wanting to stop doing ‘digital only’ packages for quite some time now. During the lockdown period I was able to use the time to really look at my photography collections and figure out where I want to take them.

I made the decision to stop offering digital only packages, this is specifically for weddings and family portraiture (branding photography is different in the way the images are used so I will continue those packages for that genre). Anyway, I made the decision to remove the digital only options. There were a few reasons for this, but the main one was that handing something tangible over to a client is so incredibly important. As a client, you have taken the time to find me, to book my services, to get your family ready, to meet me for your photography session, you have paid me for this service and you receive a gallery with digital images that then sit on your computer and a small percentage of people will go on to get wall art made or prints done. And if you’re in that small percentage, you may take your beautiful wedding images or family photographs that I have spent hours and hours editing, that when I handed over brought you an emotional reaction, and go to the high street shop and get them printed with a colour cast on cheap photographic paper. Please no, this breaks my heart.

The packages I have now created have several choices or you can purchase from my a la carte menu. The floating art frame that will have pride of place in your sitting room, a framed print that you could gift to your children’s grandparents that you know they will cherish for many years to come. I use industry leading suppliers that print on papers and canvases of brilliant quality, some of these prints could easily last 100 years. Imagine your grandchildren holding a photograph of you from 70 years ago, imagine how special that will be to them.
I also understand the importance of digital images, you want to be able to share your photographs online with family and friends, I completely get that and that is why for every print or product you purchase after your photography session, you will get that digital image free of charge. So you will still receive your digitals, but you will be getting amazing products to go alongside them and you won’t have to take anymore time out of your schedule to figure out where and how to get prints done!! It’s beautiful, it’s simple and it’s so full of value.

Kirst x

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