Wedding Photography

Benhilda & Jeremiah ~ Morden Park House Wedding

Oh my gosh, this couple!! Meet Benhilda and Jeremiah, they were supposed to get married in April but obviously couldn’t. They ended up being my first wedding I photographed after lockdown and my very first wedding of standing the in the bushes, shooting through an open window. The registry office’s restrictions did not allow me to go inside, so we asked if I could photograph them through the window and they were more than obliging.

Benhilda and Jeremiah were both so relaxed and made the absolute most of a wedding day that I’m sure looked very different to what it was supposed to be like. Their ceremony was full of smiles and big laughs, especially when Jeremiah produced the ring in a box with a light shining in it, sure to make that diamond sparkle even more!

They each had their mums with them as their guests and witnesses, after the ceremony some family friends gathered outside by the (infamous) green door and were there to congratulate them as they came out.

We had the group shots right outside the gorgeous grade II listed building and then the 3 of us took a walk around Morden Park for their couple photo’s. They really had loads of fun and took enjoyment out of referring to each other as simply “husband” and “wife”. The weather was perfect and we got some gorgeous images.

Here are some of my favourites

Benhilda had specifically requested the no images of her face appear online or social media and I always respect my clients requests so that is why I have chosen these images.

Wishing this couple an amazingly happy future together.
Kirst x

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