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Hey September!

Gosh, how did we get here? Doesn’t it feel kind of like life was frozen in March and we’ve all just been waiting this storm out? I guess for me personally I haven’t been able to get back to work properly and my kids are only going back to school next week, so it really does feel like life has been on hold.

My calendar is filling up, the next two months are looking a little healthier work wise and very soon I’ll have my first full day wedding shoot after lockdown and I’m super excited about it. I’m not going to lie, these months have been tough but I have done what I could do keep my business going and hopefully the wedding industry starts up again properly soon and couples will once again have the confidence to book and plan their weddings.

As we go into Autumn my focus will shift to Autumn family shoots and the leaves…oh the leaves, isn’t it just another beautiful time of year? England is always so full of seasonal changes and as much as Summer is my favourite, I think every season has it’s unique value and beauty. If you’ve ever thought about an Autumn family shoot, with a beautiful sunset, do get in touch as I’ll be taking bookings now up until the end of October for those sessions.

So I guess I just wanted to welcome September in and say hi and through this whole period of uncertainty, we have kept our thoughts positive and kept moving forward and hopefully there is some light at the end of this strange time we are all living through.

Take care,
Kirst x

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