Wedding Photography

Weddings during coronavirus

Ugh, more mutterings of covid-19 and coronavirus. But alas, here we are in this pandemic and the wedding industry is on its knees.

Let’s go over what we are dealing with.
You can have up to 15 people at your wedding ceremony, not including anyone working (priest, registrar, photographer etc).
Social distancing needs to be adhered to, that is staying 2m apart or if you cannot do that, take extra steps in protecting each other by staying at least 1m apart and wearing a face mask.
Singing is no longer allowed, unless you’re performing in a professional capacity.
In England it is law to wear face coverings in a place of worship.
Receptions can legally have up to 15 people attending.
All food and drinks need to be served to minimise customer self-service.
No dancing, apart from the couple’s first dance.
Throwing of the bouquet should be avoided.

Amazing! Sounds like a fun wedding…
My heart breaks for all the couples who have had their wedding day cancelled, postponed orhave had to change it so dramatically that it looks nothing like what was being planned originally. For all the suppliers out there, let’s take a breath, lets focus and get through this. What things are going to look like 2021, I don’t think anyone really knows.

BUT, I know this (firstly I know in school I was taught to never start a sentence with ‘but’!) weddings will continue. They will go on and the resilience and love and determination of people who want to go ahead and get married will push us through this time. Some people will actually be heaving a sigh of relief because they can only have 15 people at their wedding and somehow it takes away a lot of stress and they can get married, because let’s be honest the bottom line here is that you love each other and you want to spend the rest of your life together. Photographers are offering smaller packages to cover smaller weddings, I have always offered an hourly package for those people who prefer a small wedding and only need photo’s from the ceremony and of family and friends. If you have to get married during this time **and by ‘have to’, I mean because of health reasons, or you might be immigrating or you’re just tired of waiting** there are options, believe me.

If you find people who are willing to work with you and figure your day out, you can have a magnificent wedding and marry the love of your life. When I planned my wedding it was done in less than 6 months, we didn’t have a huge wedding and it was one of the happiest day’s of my life.
I know things have changed and I know it all seems crazy right now, but if you want to get married you still can and a lot of couples I know are doing the small intimate wedding now and then planning a big party for next year and I personally think that’s a fantastic idea. We are resilient and creative and will figure this out…covid weddings are still beautiful and love hasn’t been cancelled.

I have a lot of availability for wedding photography for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, so if you’re still looking to get married, get in touch with me because I’m happy for a 2 hour photoshoot at personal, small weddings…in fact I really really enjoy them!

Kirst x

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