Wedding Photography

Signing of the register. No photography allowed.

You’ve been announced as a married couple and you’ve been ‘allowed’ to kiss your bride/groom and now it’s time to make it legal and sign the register.

You head over to the large registry book, nervously checking all the information is correct and finding the allocated space to sign and your photographer stops taking photos and lets everything play out without taking a single photograph. What is going on?

You see, most wedding venues do not allow any photographs at this point, on the basis of data protection. It is thought that by taking photos and the possibility of the photos appearing online, with sensitive information including signatures this information could fall into the wrong hands. Now, okay I see the point but also as a photographer I am focussing on the face of the person signing the book so most of the information will be at least slightly blurred anyway and difficult to read. But sure, I understand data protection and the importance of it.

So when you see the (mostly very posed) photos of the signing of the register, the officiant will have produced a blank register book where you then pretend to sign and pose with it. It’s odd, it can feel very awkward during a wedding where all photos that have been taken are completely natural and flow with the ceremony. I will brief most of my wedding couples about this, but on the odd occasion where it has slipped my mind, I usually get a weird look from the bride or groom (or both) along the lines of “come on, Kirsten, take some pics”.

Most people opt to pose with the blank book, so it is still a documented part of their wedding photography gallery. Yes, it’s often a part of the ceremony where you’re able to take a breath and have a laugh with your new spouse because the main ceremony is over and you can relax.

If you’re planning a micro wedding during this time or have had to postpone your wedding, I would love to hear from you as I offer hourly packages and full day packages and have good availability for weddings in 2021 and beyond.

Kirst x

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